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A person who is addicted to Fortnite and really loves lawnmowers. They will say they that they are going to build a lawnmower every day but the next day they will say they were playing Fortnite so they couldn’t.
Tfue and Ninja are such Talishs.” Random person1
Random person2”No they aren’t because they don’t like lawnmowers.”
Random person1”Oh yeah.”
by M1842k February 04, 2019
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A term used when you know things about a train, plane, or the Titanic. This term can be used either as an insult, as if you are calling them a nerd, or as a complement saying that they are smart.
Friend: “how many boilers did the Titanic have?”
You: “I think like four”
Friend: “wow thanks, your such a Talish

You: “my favorite train is a TGV duplex
Annoying guy: “Wow your such a Talish you nerd!”
by South SpiderDude March 15, 2018
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