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Talil is very smart, he don't really like sports but he's really fast like really fast. He got a big ass dick even though people says it's a shrimp it's really big. Talil is bad he disobeys everyone and can be very mean all the time. Talil is spoiled.
Talil is the shit, I wish I was his friend
by Talil April 22, 2017
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Talil is a guy that is quirky, weird voice, fucked in the head, big head, smart-ass, thinks he knows everything about everything but yet he knows nothing, attention grabber, drama starter, tries to steal other people's girls, tries to date other peoples girlfriends, suggest proposal and very quiet but speaks loud when threatened.
Person 1: Oh my god! Do you know Talil?!?!
Person 2: What the fuck is a Talil
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by Harmonygirl01 June 30, 2016
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