A nickname that refers to the Leader of Canada's NDP, Jack Layton, because of his lack of support of the Canadian Armed Forces and his sympathy and concern for the Taliban
God, that Taliban Jack is an ass, eh?
by Steven Badger March 22, 2007
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An epithet applied to the leader of the NDP by Conservative Party MPs and their fellow right-wing travellers, with the aim of discrediting/drowning out their adversaries by dishonestly portraying them as hating the Canadian military and hugging a foreign organization whose policies more closely resemble the Conservative Party's own, rather than addressing, in good faith, the arguments and policies of the person and party in question -- thus demonstrating their own status as the poster children for demagoguery.
"Taliban Jack! Taliban Jack!", some government members screeched at Jack Layton when he rose to speak in the House.
by bushwah March 27, 2007
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