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1. N. An amazing girl who acts sweet when others are look, and even sweeter when not. She cares deeply for her friends, she never wants to let people down, she loves to keep people happy. Though generally guarded and keeps many secrets in her pursuit to make others happy, she's an amazing bestfriend who will try her hardest to make you know she cares as your friend. She has a model's body and a cute face to where she looks like she belongs in an anime school girl thingy.

2. N. A name made up of Aleria, german for eagle with a T in front.

3. Someone who everyone cares about, her best of the best friends usually has to hear people constantly talk about her like she is a goddess, normally loves going to the Ren fair. Usually noted as the king's niece.
1. Boy 1: OMG, did you see that girl?

Boy 2: Yeah that's Taleria, she's the best ever!

2. How do we come up with a unique name? T- ontop of an eagle? maybe in German? Cause Teagle looks weird.

3. BBFE: OMG Taleria if i have to hear one more thing about how great you are I'm gonna die!

Taleria: Thank you, for being my best best friend ever.

BBFE: I'd do anything for you.
by Person of a person January 15, 2011
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