A bar with a lot of hot girls, or female talent.
Let's hit up the bar on Washington Street, that place is a talent show!
by bronxminotaur March 3, 2009
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Used for describing a group of women who are so sexually attractive that you find yourself contently watching and on the verge of applauding.

Also used for the description of an area highly populated with very gifted women.
"Damn bro, your gf realy brought a talent show to the party. THATS WHATS UP!"

"WOW, the beach was a total talent show today."
by MARIOtheBOSTONIAN February 11, 2009
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When watching a talent show, one of the acts seem to last forever. This is done easier when playing a musical instrument, such as the piano or clarinet.
Dude to another dude sitting next to him.

"This is such a talent show drag! It has been six minutes already and she doesn't seem to know how to end the song she's playing!"
by geniusonwheels February 9, 2009
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An elementary school "talent show", also known as a variety show. It is a show in where one hundred kids do the EXACT SAME THING.Events in the Lack of Talent show include: lip syncs, gymnastics routines, tap dancing, screaming into the microphone, mumbling into the microphone, instrument solos, over dressing, costumes resembling abused women, under dressing, too much make up, and other things that fall in this genre.
Dad: Thank God it's over.
Mom: What?
Dad: Billy's Lack of Talent show.
Mom: I know... all of these kids SUCKED!
by His Excellency, H.R.E. February 20, 2009
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