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Takora will almost always have a hard time opening up to others because she’s been hurt before, she gets attached too easily without even realizing it. She will always look out for friends and family in the face of adversity because she knows what it feels like to feel alone or betrayed. She has a very bad attitude but if you are patient with her she’ll eventually grow out of it.
“Wait so did you hear about Takora’s new boyfriend?”
by Hdidbdbdud November 06, 2018
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A Takora is rude, shes a bitch, and she talking to someone new every week, and her friends do everything for her cuz she think she the shit. If you dont have a Takora in your life your lucky periodt
You know Takora
Yeah she talked to the whole team
by Yesimtheone June 14, 2019
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