Taking action is often referred to as doing something very awesome or legit. People who take action are often verbally rewarded among their friends. Situations in which people try to take action but fail end up becoming problematic. Some may link it to sexual activities, although this phrase is only occasionally used when talking of such things.
1. Luke: Dude did you see that 360noscope I just did?
Alex: hell yea I did that takes action.
2. Kendell: Josh I'm taking action.
Josh: dude what did you do?
Kendell: I just convinced my mom to buy me a ps4 if I shoveled the snow out of the driveway.
Josh: holy sh*t talk about taking action!
3. Collin: Man, did you see the Super Bowl?
Max: yea who didn't?
Collin: the seahawks were so close to taking action.
Max: I know right, that would have taken so much action if they would have won.
by ActionTaker February 11, 2015
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