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1. A rallying cry for people who think the United States has been "taken over" by anti-American socialists, foreigners, liberals, Marxists, minorities, etc.

The phrase is typically used by white male conservatives who oppose any type of change they perceive as a "threat" to their "way of life." Instead of providing a specific plan for improving the country or the government, they imply that the nation has been "kidnapped" by evil people who hate America and want to destroy freedom.

Unanswered questions: A) Who is "we"? B) Where do "we" want to take the country back to?

2. A phrase that implies our current government is somehow "illegitimate" despite the election of November 2008 when a majority of Americans voted for Obama and the current Congress.
ED: "We've got to take back our country. Otherwise those people in Washington will force our children to become Communist Muslim freedom-hating slaves of Obama. The rest of us will be forced to live in secret FEMA concentration camps. Just you wait and see!"

CINDY: "You've been watching Fox News again, haven't you?"
by Peter Kobs July 01, 2010
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