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To take the heat for somebody else, for a number of possible reasons.
Johnny and Jimmy stayed out way too late at the bar, and because Johnny has been on thin ice with his girlfriend lately, Jimmy agreed to take aggro for Johnny when they returned.

Johnny's girlfriend: "Where the hell have you two been all night? You said you were going to be home 4 hours ago!"

Jimmy: "I'm very sorry Linda, it is my fault. Johnny insisted that we get home on time, but I had some pressing matters to attend to. I will get him home to you much earlier next time."

Johnny's girlfriend: "Thank you for your honesty Jimmy. I guess he's off the hook this time."

(the next day)

Johnny: "Thanks so much man, you really saved my ass last night."

Jimmy: "You owe me one buddy."
by o ReVelatioN o August 10, 2010
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