When someone says something you don't like or annoying and you want them to be quiet, you can say, "Take a T." This comes from "timeout." In other words, its another way of saying, "Dude, settle down." , "Come on, don't say that." or Bro, thats not cool." Take a T: its that easy. When you get familiar with the saying, it can be abbreviated to "T."
Friend: Ugh, I hate that teacher she's so mean.
You: Take a T, dude, she's right behind you.

Friend: I dare you to do a backflip.
You: Take a T, I'm not doing that. I don't wanna hurt myself.
by NikS. October 23, 2014
when a female who is becoming or wants to become trans, takes testosterone supplements.
So guys I've started taking t and I'm growing chest hair now whoopee!!
by DASSS MEH January 31, 2017