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Taitem is definitely an interesting girl. She can be kinda annoying at times. But also really funny. She complains a little (..a lot....). She's a very smart girl. She probably skipped a grade or something and/or get's all A's. You might want to keep Taitem around. She is a very good friend. Also, very much an extrovert. Boy does she like to talk.
That girl is definitely a Taitem. I know that because she likes to talk a lot.
by I have a lot of free time November 08, 2018
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She is very true to her Faith and a religious person, she hasn’t had a lot of friends, but the friends she has now (Summer, Jackson, Payton, Jenni, Kade) are the best friends! She is not hawt but not ugly, she’s smart enough to be a grade ahead, she plays sports and somehow always gets injured in the funniest ways! 😂 she is musical and gifted with abnormal gifts like talking a lot. Seriously, you need to shove pizza in her mouth to stop talking. Her friends call her Potato Princess because she is one. If you make friends with a Taitem, don’t stop being friends with them because she is unique and funny and is different, and different is good to some people. She has Integrity and Virtue
That girls a Taitem because she has a colorful personality
by A person who talks a lot November 11, 2018
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A Taitem is a weird looking potato but she is also an amazing friend and loves hugs and a taitem is usually seen w/ her best friend Taylor you must feed your Taitem shaving cream and peanut butter to live. Taitems are also seen drunk most of the time
Hey what’s up?

by Happytreefrog23 June 20, 2018
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