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a game that is played by couples traditionally. The object of the game is to touch each others genitalia. The game is strictly played over the weekend (Saturday, Sunday). Points are given for the successful touch (either through clothes or under clothes) and the immediate exclamation of "Point!". The winner is announced at the end of the weekend. There are a few simple rules:

1.) The bedroom and under blankets are the safe zones, no tags/touches can occur in the safe zone

2.) no 'tag backs' for 15 minutes after a successful 'taint tag'

3.) tagging while using the restroom is an automatic win

4.) Only direct genitalia tag can happen in private, not

public (may be amendable, but not advised)
Johnny won last weekend over Sally in Taint Tag, because he was sneaky and had quick hands.

This weekend, Sally won because she surprised Johnny while he was peeing, piss went every where.
by WinningReddit February 28, 2012
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