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a big, sexy, hunk of joy just waiting to prowl. A Tahshon usually is in the midst of 5"6-6"0, and has to be black. He is artsy, but not in the painter, sketcher sort of way; he makes music. He has to have bushy eyebrows, and he can NOT have a stoner's body (skinny pot head). He must have a girlfriend that he spoils in every way possible, and must be able to sexually fulfill her in every way. Although a Tahshon is a black teenager, he is considered white, due to his hipster-like gestures and actings. (but never call him a hipster, because he's undercover with it, and calling anyone hipster is not cool.) In order to make sure that you know a TRUE Tahshon, he must not care what others think of him, but care what others think of his girl. If anyone messes with him, it gets very personal. He loves everyone and everything, and is truly a big teddy bear.
Sam- "Hey, girl! Did you see that guy over there that looks like KiD CuDi?"

Claire- "Oh shit, dude! That's not Cudder, that's my nigga Tahshon! Waddup!"

Tahshon- "2 cool 4 u."
by fuckmeinthecunt January 08, 2011
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