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Name for the first migratory wave of peoples from the old world to the new. Named for the Native American name of Mt. Rainier, the predominant peak in the Pacific Northwest stretch of the Cascade Range. Predecessors to the Clovis peoples whom were previously thought to be the first peoples to set foot in the new world. Name bestowed upon them for the probability that the towering Tahoma peak was a beacon in the distance urging them further and further south. Through the icy tundra of Beringia and the iced over North American continent the Tahoman people made their way into the Pacific Northwest whole in search of the flourishing flora and fauna in the northwestern coastal lowlands. Their are many popular theories as to how these Tahomans made their way to the furthest tip of South America. 1. They followed a Kelp Highway via watercraft 2. Island hopped their way to South America via watercraft. 3. Made their way on foot following the receding ice along coastal wetlands. 4. By way of volcanic mountain ranges made their way south in relatively hospitable conditions supplied by melting ice, steam vents and migrating fauna.
1. With the Clovis first theory having been adequately debunked scientists now look for the means by which their predecessors the Tahoman people may have made their way into the Americas. 2. Wether the first peoples in United States or not the Tahoman will still be the first peoples of the American Pacific Northwest and ancestors to many of the preceding tribes along the Pacific coastline. 3. Tahoma High School students show their Tahoman pride at pep rallies and school sporting events. 4. Mt Tahoma (Mt.Rainier) towers above all others in the Cascade Mountain Range and is the highest peak in the continental U.S. surely a beacon for Tahomans to find their way when traveling abroad.
by Wordley Lamarr October 20, 2017
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