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She is one of the most amazing person ever , she has got one of the most beautiful smiles ever , most stunnig harts you could ever find and her hair is always beautiful . She is a loving , caring person , she really understands a person . She is more beautiful than a thousand suns , she is really a great kisser and the best hugger , al you would want to do is stare in her most beautiful eyes and just kiss her like you've never felt like this before . She is one of the most talented pepole you would ever find and she never gives up on you no matter what she is always there for you and she loves you unconditionally. You just want to be with her as much as you can cause you cant get enough of her no matter what you do . You are really lucky if you can call her yours , cause she is truly one of the most amazing person ever...
Guy: is that Tahlya
Other guy: yes , is she not most amazing person ever!!!
by babeboo August 30, 2017
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Very talented, crafty, smart and musical. Loves the guys, needs their attention, good skin and long hair. No one really knows her but everyone loves her. You think you get close but you don't really. Will do what she can to get attention but generally awesome.
Guy: Watch out, there's Tahlya.
Other Guy: Damn I want her.
by Lanky jarred November 14, 2013
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