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An Online Capture-the-Flag Web Game with a cult-like following that Worships the god Luckyspammer.
The typical tagpro player is said to be a 25 year old Male Law Student who likes to kiss their cousins and touch each others balls whilst trying not to be flaccid but ultimately succumbing to the inevitable.
Friend: Do you still play that stupid bubble-tag game?
Tagproist: Yeah, but they aren't bubbles they're balls.
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by Some Ball February 13, 2017
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An online game in which two teams of four balls each play capture the flag; the first team with three captures wins. The community is well known for its nonstop complaints, leading to its members taking on the affectionate nickname "bitch boys".
I would play tagpro tonight, but these bitch boys suck so much shit at chasing that I'm basically relegated to nonstop flaggotry.
by unmuteme November 28, 2016
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