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A Facebook group that exists mainly for the purpose of tagging it in a discussion thread as a form of meme communication.

For example, one of the earliest Tag Groups on Facebook was, 'This isn't an airport, no need to announce your departure", which was born from the phenomenon of people who found it necessary to write a post about how they were mad and leaving a group. At which point, someone in the thread who knew about the tag group would put it on the discussion, prompting a laugh.

When you tag a group like that, Facebook puts the name of the group in bold, thus emphasizing its visual impact.

Therefore, users have added thousands and thousands of hilariously specific phrases as groups to the platform, giving the user lots of options of things to say in bold characters.

The bold name of the group is also a clickable link that takes you to the group, prompting more members and thus more taggers.

As mentioned before, the tag group mainly exists as a means for creating highlighted text in a discussion thread, however, some tag groups do become places of activity themselves.

For example, with "This is not an airport...", members who join the group will use it as a tag group, but then also screenshot hilarious examples of people rage-quitting other groups, and add it to the discussion timeline in the group for other members to enjoy and laugh at.
I'm going to use my favorite tag group to respond to this Facebook post.
by Jacaranda April 30, 2020
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