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Taeshi is someone who loves cats more than people. He’s not very good at opening up cause he’s probably really scared. He’ll be the softest human being when he does open up. He’ll always tell you terrible jokes but you’ll end up laughing along with him. He’s VERY attractive, very humble and lowkey. You can tell him all of your problems, he’ll know just what to say. He says silly things often but he can be hella serious. If you EVER fall in love with a Taeshi you’ll have to be very careful with his heart and ALWAYS give him attention. He is definitely a book worm and probably super intelligent with a different taste in music than the average person. He gets all the girls and has a huge dick just like his ego.
Girl 1: Oh my god!! Did you see that guy over there??
Girl 2: You mean, Taeshi? Yeah he’s hot af. I’d definitely would tap that.
Girl 1: Right!!
by C4ts December 10, 2018
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