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said tay-lynn; someone to be jealous of. By far the best, fucking glorious, and ridiculously AWESOME person you could possibly meet. Taelynns are truly unique people who are way too nice for thier own good, do stupid things that make you laugh endlessly, but are genuinely smart. you can't possibly hate on a Taelynn because they are just too damn good, and if you do hate on a Taelynn she'll probably kick your ass in two seconds flat, only one second if she doesn't want to waste time. Taelynn's are naturally beatuiful both inside and out and really easy to get along with. She attracts the fellas like nothing, but only the best are up to par so don't just brush her off. If you know a Taelynn you are truly blessed
damn you have skills like a Taelynn
by Karly smith June 01, 2011
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