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Taekesi is the definition of a cancer-containing, fail troll, his original name is Jake, he hangs out on the internet because it's his only hobby, he doesn't actually do anything in real life, he has no friends, and isn't attractive at all, so with the stress of real life failing, he chooses to take out his anger on the internet, by roleplaying as a chinese yakuza boss, but that's not all, he also uses other characters of american mafias, whatever he can use to spend his time with, I mean, his time wouldn't be spent any better. If you say something offensive to him, he'll usually reply with an abbreviation of words, to act like he's not completely mad over the subject, example shown.
User: "You're a fucking faggot failure, go kill yourself"
Taekesi/Jake replies: "I am Legend! LMFAO!"
by wayne kenney July 20, 2011
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