1. a palindrome

2. a cat that has amazing fighting strengths and powers to totally beat up anyone it wants
Dude!!! Did you see that taco cat just beat up Markus?
by hannah w March 02, 2008
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A sexual maneuver completed by two females performing cunnilingus on each other. Purring for vibratory stimulation is optional, but preferred. It is fitting as there is both a taco and a pussycat AND is the perfect physical palindrome of the human body.
Heather: You wanna taco cat tonight?
April: Yes!!! I’ll purr really hard and make you MEEEOW!
by DolphinLover69XX February 13, 2019
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Tacocat is an amazingly cool word. It is spelt the same forewords and back and is also funny to say. Tell your friends!
Tacocat and tacocaT is spelt backwords and forewords.
by Beauty's da nameπŸ’‹ October 29, 2014
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To be extremely horny and a little racist
Guy 1: damn i'd hit that
Guy2: what about that hispanic girl over there
Guy1: ew no, fuck that brown bitch, look at that white girl
Guy 2: dude youre asian
Guy 1: and?
Guy 2: ok, tacocat
by janwasrobbed1207 June 16, 2020
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a noob who has no idea what the meaning of life is and so, they turn to the one thing they are good at, fking other noobies and being a teachers pet and ace ing maths GCSE
Rae: urg, Laura you are SUCH a taco cat...

Laura:you meanie! just because I got an A* and you got a C- doesn't make me a taco cat!
Rae:well what about the fact ur always so nice to Mr Sonny?
Laura:thats cause he's marrying my gay father!
Rae:well what about the fact you f**ked James the other day?
Laura: ........................................ HOW DID YOU KNOW?
Rae:magiccccc....... ur definitely a taco cat, girl.
via giphy
by REB7293_2223hfje October 24, 2020
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