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A savory dish created by Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic the Hedgehog series during the height of his reign. It consists of two tacos as substitutes for bread, with ten more tacos in the center. According to Robotnik in the Sonic for Hire series on YouTube, this is what led to his downfall and sudden increase in obesity, apparently becoming so fat, that he found a mini fridge filled with pepperoni slices in one of his fat flaps. Because of this, supposedly, the best thing an emperor or ruler of any kind can do if they want to stay in power is avoid taco sandwiches like the plague.
Dr. Robotnik had it all- money, fame, power, and then he invented the taco sandwich; two tacos for bread, and in the middle, ten tacos. Before he knew it, he needed Crabmeat to wipe his ass.
by Practical Problems July 08, 2014
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When you poop in a vagina, cum on it(or in it if you prefer) and surve with spoon.(tastes best with a black woman)
"Me and Shinequa were feeling crazy last night so i gave the bitch a Taco Sandwich courtesy of Turel. "
by robertoadads October 07, 2006
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