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A Fictional Videogame That has yet to be invented, but has a killer storyline! TacoMan is the main character, who lives in a shit apartment and wears a taco costume for Taco-Bell. When World War 3 starts, TacoMan takes action. With Bombings on our west coast, TacoMan meets his rival enemy, BurritoBoy, who wants all the credit for taking down Macinov, the leading terror ing in the recent attacks on the country. Between fighting good and evil, you free-roam up to 5 cities and big towns discovering new missions and new weapons to use to take down your enemies. Any purchase of this game comes with a $10 coupon to Taco Bell and $5 off of either the latest Call of duty or GTA title.
Person 1: hey what game are you playing?

Person 2: Taco Bell Theft Duty, it's as good as GTA and Call of duty Combined with explosive Taco Bell foods and in dept love stories of TacoMan!
by That Nardz Guy August 30, 2013
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