A theoretical particle beleived to travel at a speed greater than that of the speed of light. So far it has avoided detection by even the most powerful particle accellerators.
Your as elusive as a Tachyon.
by Kirby Peawauket February 17, 2005
A theoretical particle that exists in three dimensions of time and can move faster than light. Only where it was can be observed by an entity who sees time linearly.
The pocket watch needs tachyons and clarity state to function. Also, if you're looking here for clues, this is probably the wrong place.

17.7 MeV
by A113R April 15, 2021
A man who makes odd various sounds at random moments that often looks upward while streaming, demonstrating his semi-glorious beard.
Tachyon is occasionally tacky.
by PigeonSquared January 28, 2017