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A gated community in Lexington, KY filled with upper-middle class business owners, doctors and lawyers. Some may see it as a less neurotic version of Wysteria Lane where housewives are abundant with the soul purpose of giving their children whatever they ask for and making dinner for their husband. Parents have an unexplainable knack for giving their kids everything they ask for and still convince themselves that the kids aren't spoiled (even the kids believe they have it rough). The teenagers in this neighborhood have a gift for getting the most messed up at parties and being general fuck ups but they aren't worried because their parents will make sure they get everything they want in the en. After all, a Dad's method of bonding with their kid is shelling out cash and buying expensive gifts instead of spending time with them.

Aside from the freakish resemblance to Desperate Housewives with the gossip and drama, the houses are huge, beautiful and immaculate with a great southern charm. The tennis courts are always filled in the summer and the pool is great for the teenagers and college kids to lay around while getting drunk at 1 in the afternoon. The neighborhood looks perfect when you drive through.
Hey you live in Taborlake?
by lulu8787 December 13, 2009
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