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Alternative slang for attractive (hotter than they have a right to be) pre op Transsexual women and/or Shemales, that has poisoned the mind of a otherwise heterosexual male, as it better describes the subject of illicit fantasies one otherwise would never have thought possible. That one is in fact #1> A Taboo and #2> A Wonder to the eye of the beholder causing possible detritus to many and all, in the manner of a sub genre of porn that has overtaken the internet where 90% of the viewers are bored straight men.
Dan: "According to Capcom of Japan, Poison from the Final Fight beat 'em up video game is a pre op Shemale, dood!"

Mike: "NO! I refuse to accept this. I it's a genetic female biker slut in the Mad Gear gang."

Tom: "Taboo Wonder or not, anyone that looks that hot as a woman is getting the Chorizo Thundercrack, and gets it twice as hard in the back door for any more than meets the eye treachery!"
by Mercenary X99 November 15, 2011
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