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Verb. The act of clicking from tab to tab, usually from left to right, in a web browser. Social networks are usually a part of this, and people your chatting with get annoyed or say "Talk to you later" because they think you left when you were actually just cycling through your open tabs a bit slow.
"Hey you're back! Where'd you go?"

"Sorry about that. I was just tab surfing, I am still here. lol"
by Uncle Nerdicus November 23, 2013
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Much the way we channel-surf on the TV or radio when we're bored, we also may be caught flipping from Facebook to Twitter to Pandora to UD. Hence tab-surfing. :)
Man, let's go do something. I'm bored off my ass just tab-surfing.
by lady_so_divine December 15, 2011
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