this word is utilized to describe a person, who is mainly a man, who tends to turn into the devil during sexual intercourse. He also will almost always produce multiple orgasm to his female companion.
the was amazing! the Taaj just took control over you!
by lamd24 May 15, 2010
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Taaj is a beautiful, smart,talented artist with many sides to her. She's funny, weird, amazing, and outgoing.
Person1: Hey do you see Taaj.
Person2: Yeah that Taaj is awesome.
by Sexymustache January 21, 2013
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"her cheeks are so robust and large! A true persona of Taaj"
by Funnybigpeacock January 04, 2018
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Taaj Manzoor is a roving ground crew member for low cost airline FlyLo. He was born in Bradford, but his roots trace all the way back to Pakistan, you get me? He loves BMX and Cage Fighting. He is truly against racists, such as Ian Foot. Because of his race, Taaj was added to a list of people Ian Foot feels threaten the security of our country. His chosen faith is George Michael’s and doesn’t like curry, preferring English foods, like pizza or chinese. He was once asked if he had a connection to Al Qaeda, but claimed he never met the guy. Once in a while, he is allowed on pussy wagon duty, meaning he can just cruise round the airport. He is well known for being able to pull girls in an instance. Taaj also is a great liar, being able to create excuses of why the plains are delayed. Some of these include: A volcano has erupted in Bradford and The pilot has parked the plane and forgot where he left it. Taaj aspires to be a movie director, and has already made some hits like Future Cop 200. Overall, Taaj is a great worker and is very loyal to his company FlyLo.
Person A: *Needs help*
Person B: Taaj Manzoor is free, give him a ring.
by BenjameenoDeeno November 09, 2019
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