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Ron: You see Latifa today? That booty aint got no brakes son.. I am gonna run dem joints.

T-boz: Already done did it. TA-DOW!
by ericneet June 01, 2006
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Derived from the combination of "Tada" (which is most often proclaimed when one finishes a task) and "Wow" (a common excitement word), it is used to describe an object which is amazingly great or awesome.
Dayam! Did you see the new Rolling Stones cover with Britney Spears on it? She was TADOW!
by Pikk A Chu September 11, 2003
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How an individual that delivered a greeting before the song 'Doggy Dogg world' on Snoop Dogg's

'Doggystyle' CD introduced himself
My name Tadow.
by Vermensch January 31, 2011
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Ta Dow was a Character played By Garret Morris on Saturday Night live.
he was a superlous " pimp" type character that wore flashy clothes and had a large pink feather in his hat.

this is where the ter " Ta-Dow!" came from, as he frequently used his name as a explitive.
" that's theway a true pimp handles his bidness.. Tadow!"
by oldskoolG May 19, 2008
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Used by Will Smith in Fresh Prince.

Meaning to engage in sexual intercourse of some kind.
What happened between you and that hoe?

You know... Tadow.
by Fat Dave April 02, 2004
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Could also be spelled "Ta Dao"; other synonyms include "Dayumm", "Bam!", "Blao!" Usually used when referring to a good looking woman.
Damn girl, are you sure you're not Chinese, because I coulda sworn you were from the province of TA DAO!
by Loc Dogg August 02, 2005
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