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Originating in Sydney, Australia due to the city's peculiarly large proliferation of orange-skinned trashbags eager to have every one of their orifices filled with cock, the acronym 'TUFIS' emerged as a convenient way to differentiate easy lays who will readily accept the raging contents of your balls into their vaginas where more challenging Saturday night fare might resist.

It is pronounced 'Too-fis' and stands for 'Totally Up For it Sluzza'. The plural form of the word remains the product of endless debate, but 'TUFI' ('Too-fye') or even 'TUFISes' may suffice where there is more than one filthy cum-gurgling slut in attendance.
"The fake tan on this TUFIS is rubbing off on my shirt, man. You dance with her."

"I am so gonna smash that TUFIS in the salmon cavern."

"I think my mum might've been a TUFIS. How else do you explain my 10 half-siblings?"
by tobosaurus January 20, 2012
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