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I think that pretty much sums it up! :)

"Wah wah, my Ipad broke and now I have to go get it fixed instead of going to the mall." Her friend says, "TTETPP!!!!! You spoiled brat!"

"My jeans still don't fit and I only ate fast food 3 times this week... diets don't work!" My response, "TTETPP! Seriously!"

"I have to live with my mom & dad even though I'm 35, cause there aren't any jobs out there at all since the economy is SO bad!" His mom should say, "TTETPP and be a man!!!"

Maybe we should appreciate all of the good things that we have (including the computer that you are obviously on right now) and stop feeling sorry for ourslves!

(Please Note: If you are truly hungry, ill, homeless, just lost a loved one, etc....things that are serious....this does NOT apply to you .... right now.)
by cmf224 November 19, 2011
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