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Trailer Trash Disorder, is the condition when someone who is white trash that lives in there trailer and never sees the light of day. The person usually only comes out of there shitty trailer when they need food or are forced to leave they hate all forms of socialization. When you see these people they usually say they have all this money and try and hide the fact they don't even shower. 9 times out of 10 there family is sexist racist and several (female) of there family members are in jail for accidental rape of older six foot five three hundred pound black people. luckily they can't afford lawn mowers so in the summer you cant see there shitty cat piss stained trailer because the grass is so high.
Hey Lucas want to get Kaden and go to the movies Lucas: Nah we can't has TT Disorder
by xXswagsta77Xx March 24, 2014
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