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Too stupid, didn't validate.

A response to a long rambling overreacting post made on the forums, like a long post of the paranoid tinfoil hat variety that applies sinister motivations and unfair practices to a company or administration and offers the poster's opinion or flimsy anecdote or even unrelated stuff thrown in as evidence without facts to back it up.

An forum acronym coined by a player named Adrus on the World of Warcraft forums.
A new change is announced.

Poster: blah blah blah greedy blah just wants money blah never listens to customers blah blah slippery slope blah blah blah ripping people off blah blah ignored me blah blah straw man blah blah violating privacy blah blah blah ruining blah blah it's all about money blah they're screwing us over

2nd Forum Poster: TS; DV
by Bryonia June 14, 2010
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