a TRAH is a shortened more secretive word for trick ass hoes.
by big cez December 18, 2007
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Abbreviation for "true aye" - common slang for lazy mother fuckers.
"This club is sick"
"Trah maaan!"
by TheOnlyV February 19, 2009
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The most respected word in the English language. It is the backbone of all modern English words.
It's lit.

by RVO April 21, 2017
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Street version of the name for a lesser-well-known suburb of Manchester; Longsight. Heavily infested with gangsters and ninjas, a 'lingo' has developed there to fox the authorities. The code may be applied to any word simply by replacing the first consonant of a word with 'Trah' and inserting 'b' before the remaining letters; in words beginning with vowels, simply prefix 'Trah-b...'
"Th'yo, th'yo, th'yo, yous'th goin' Trah-bong-site {Longsight} or Levveh {Levenshulme}??"

"Th'sweet, yo, give us th'sum of that trah-borange {orange}, th'yo"

"Ahm fuckin' trah-blingin' {blingin'} mate, fuckin' check it, th'yo"
by Markus Barkus March 21, 2005
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Damn he’s trah
She’s so trah
by Freyjadula July 29, 2021
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