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To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar, otherwise known as a Hip Hop masterpiece. It's a damn shame that this album is horribly overlooked, some criticizing K. Dot's use of jazz beats.

But what they don't know is that Kendrick knows what Hip Hop should be like. Even in his Overly Dedicated (fourth mixtape) days, he was an amazing rapper.

TPAB is an extraordinary album filled with themes of depression, anger, guilt, and black culture.

I recommend listening to the album as a whole twice. The first time, listen to the album as an album. The second time, listen to the album as a story.

TPAB = To Pimp a Butterfly
TPAC = To Pimp a Caterpillar
2PAC = 2 Pimp a Caterpillar

2Pac, and other critically acclaimed rappers in his time of life, were the caterpillars that were destined for fame.

If you don't have enough time, or you just don't want to listen to the whole album as a whole, I recommend listening to:
- Wesley's Theory, the very first track on the album
- King Kunta, one of the singles from the album
- These Walls, at first glance is usually thought to be the best song on the album
- u, the second part to These Walls
- i, a remastered version of the single i, released in 2014, many were upset that Kendrick didn't include the single version on the album, but this version goes with the album in many ways

Fun Fact: TPAB was rated 96 from Metacritic, the same score that was given to Illmatic by Nas
TPAB is one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of the decade, maybe even of all time.
by The Cool Ass Nigga April 09, 2015
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