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Its a town in East Islip where an unknown man known as TP runs around trying to save the universe. He climes trees and Jumps over tables. On fridays you can find him learking in the corners looking for "Jail Bait" as he likes to call them. He tries to save the world but he always fails at it. You can find him working at the mall at Game Stop. This is a place where he feels at home and can BS with Johnny Hepititis about not getting girls and playing video games. He is a very nice guy but has a very sick and twisted mind. He is one step away from becoming a full blown AA meeting Drunk. If hes not working at Game Stop he is probably somewhere drinking, wanting to drink, thinking about drinking, or actually stealing beers to drink. You can also find him at some kind of Fast Food stops fattening up his belly. He once ran for President but failed because he took the law into his own hands, refused to kiss a black baby, and called Hilary a Hooker. He is also known as T-Pain
I was in TP Town last night and my ass is killing me.
by Briian May 01, 2008
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