An acronym for "Top Of My Feed" – meaning a post that you keep seeing at the top of your Facebook feed due to some quirk in the algorithm. When you see a post that keeps showing up at the top of your feed, you comment "TOMF" to signal to your friends, "hey, is it just me who keeps seeing this?"
Sandra's engagement announcement has been TOMF for 3 days.
by Hillary Duff McKagan February 7, 2018
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Tomf is a slang word given for the actor Tom Felton.

Most people who call him Tomf think he's a bit full of himself and we all think he has a scary obsession with fish.
At his birthday party he had BALLOONS that said 'TOMF' which we assume stood for Tom 'F'elton. But he's 17 years old, so why he did this is unknown to us.
by Tehelite February 9, 2005
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