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An essay for the philosophy course that is a prerequisite for the IB program. Dealing with topics that have no answer, the student must complete this impossible task if they want to receive the all hailed by students and ignored by college prise of the IB diploma.
Below is the basic structure of a TOK essay:

"This is my opinion. This is why it's believable. OH WAIT this is why it could be wrong, so there are two opinions now. K, so now that that's done- OH WAIT here's another opinion for no real reason other then word count! Now I'm going to question the question, to seem smart. WHAT IS TRUTH? And add a quote in here, Friend says "What is not true???" And now I have to conclude that I'm wishywashy in my arguments, and in and ending statement: FUCK.T.O.K."
by Sarah theConfused October 14, 2009
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