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The Midnight Beast Fanbase. Probably just about the nicest bunch you will ever meet but gradually getting bitchier. All been there for years and are mainly established on twitter. Everyone in the Fanbase is going to marry either Stef, Dru, Ash or Elliot. Many are shippers of Stashley and enjoy reading gross kinky porn fanfictions. They are all poor due to the rising merchandise prices crisis. Thanks for that Sally. Thanks a lot.

TMBeasts are usually Chapters Fans and support all of Stefans old bands. They are very good at fangirling and common dialect used by them include words such as 'omg' 'wot' 'ahhhhhhhhhhh' 'hold me' 'asdfghjkl' 'my babys' 'can u not' 'crying' 'i can't even' and '*you're'
'I hate the TMB fandom' - No one ever
'TMBeasts> Directioners' - Everyone all the time
by Stefan Abingdon November 14, 2012
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