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TKG stands for Tamago Kake Gohan (卵かけご飯 / egg on rice) - a Japanese meal which consists of rice, egg (raw) and soy sauce (can be mentsuyu). Mix an egg with sauce you prefer and put them on a bowlful of rice. It's simple and easy, commonly eaten in Japan.
A: I had TKG this morning.
B: Woah, really? Me, too! Which do you use soy sauce or mentsuyu?
A: I mix them.
B: Ewwwww.
by oxymoronick May 22, 2015
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An extended large group of friends who participate in kairos and/or theater activities.
Do you want to hang out with the tkg tonight?
by 3728493947281 June 11, 2014
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TKG = That Kinda Gay. Used to describe a guy that acts/does/says anything that's horrendously, stereotypically 'gay'.
Do you know Jonathan? He's so TKG.
by thehomos July 26, 2011
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Nickname for Tykeyiah Dante Evans known for how to lock pick videos and a Rapper
Tkgfreestyler, TkgRapper
by TJ the King September 20, 2009
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