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The Hague International Model United Nations Conference, held every January in the World Forum Convention Center of the Hague, Netherlands.

Besides pretending to save the world, THIMUN participants are also notorious for taking advantage of the drinking age (16) and legal marijuana in Holland. Imagine 5000 teenagers from over 200 countries taking over one of the greatest cities ever for one week.

To any student who has ever walked the halls of diplomacy, passed a resolution, flirted with their commission chair, frozen their ass off waiting at the tram stop in Centrum, boozed like crazy five nights in a row, memorized the locations of every coffee shop in the city, tried to pawn their THIMUN badge for another drink, or staggered into the lobby of a hotel with a ridiculously long Dutch name desperate to make curfew...

put your hands up for Den Haag. x
THIMUN '07 was the best year yet.
by loverrrgirl February 08, 2007
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