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TGiFB \tējē-eye'eff-bē\ informal. abbr.

1. Thank God it's Facebook. Used variously in Facebook chats, comments, or conversation threads to express relief that something has happened on the popular online social networking site, and not in one's First Life.

2a. (archaic) In conjunction with a deep sigh, used to summarize the sensation of contentment one feels upon plopping down in front a familiar screen to browse and poke and post, as a means of distraction from the stress of a busy workday or hectic housekeeping. 2b. The same, while at work, as a means of temporary escape from undesirable environs.

Known derivatives: TGiFBchat, TGiFBcomment, TGiFBlike, TGiFBremove and TGiFBdelete
"TGiFB, if she said that in person I'd prolly have to look amused."

"(Sigh) now to pretend I'm taking notes during another boring board meeting; TGiFB!"
by theredhype August 08, 2009
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