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"Thank God Its Camel Toe Friday"
A derivative of "Casual Friday" and "Super Casual Friday"
Within certain corporate structures Friday has been set aside as a optional day that "hot" and non-overweight females may participate in a fun team building exercise.
The "chicks" wear tight pants that constrict upon "outer labial areas" forcing a deep groove to appear in the crotch This can be enhanced by having the female reach in her own pockets and pull up as hard as possible. Good outfits for TGICTF include, sweatpants, spandex, boom boom pants, tight jeans, jordache preferred Really anything thats clingy. Males and adventurous females will exclaim "Thank God Its Camel Toe Friday". Fun games include picking up pencils, and playing quarter bounce. You can also have the "Biggest Toe" contest!
Today is TGICTF. I cant wait to get to work! "Thank God Its Camel Toe Friday! All the womens be rocking their camel toes....ouch!
by Morbog July 07, 2006
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