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Entry: T·G·I·(A)·F
Pronunciaton: ('tE 'jE 'I 'A 'ef)
Function: verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection, phrase, exclamation whatever the heck you want it to be

Definition: "Thank God It's (Almost) Friday"; usually in reference to a Thursday or other day right before Friday.

Alternate forms: TGIF

Usage note: this acronym should not be thrown around in every situation possible; use strictly for situations of frustration and desperation for the weekend.
Joey: So how was your week, Joseph?
Joseph: Holy shigamo this week was hecka sucky. I had a gazillion tests and quizzes and projects!
Joey: Jah life is tough mang, but TGI(A)F
Joseph: ...
Joseph: wtf, it's only Sunday night
by kpmandookid March 15, 2006
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1. acronym for "Thank God Its Almost Friday", word is only usually used on thursday.
hey Craig guess what?
by Nick Wawee October 25, 2007
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