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"Thanks For Coming Out."

-If one of your buddies says something really gay, this is the time to use the phrase "Thanks For Coming Out."

-TFCO must be said in full out loud, but can be used as an abbreviation on the internet.

-Literally saying "TCFO" along with any other acronyms such as "LOL" or "LMAO" are immediate demotions to "man bitch"

see also Man Laws
Examples of TFCO::

Guy: The new Justin Beiber CD is coming out this week, and so are any guys who buy it.

Guy 2: Hey! I like Justin Beiber!

Guy 3: Wow, Thanks for Coming out.

* * *
Guy 2: LMAO I have more pairs of shoes than my girlfriend, because I like fashion.

Guy 3: Thanks for Coming out.
by <-FLAWED-> May 15, 2010
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