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Took AP Became A Pussy
Acronym that applies to majority of students who took an advanced placement class in high school, essentially meaning that taking an advanced placement class makes you care less about how much effort you put into your work, an excuse to be lazy because you're worn out from school. Also know as Taboo Aliens Betraying Advanced Placement, with the same definition applying
Mary: Hey guys, I have a lot of homework tonight, I think I'm going to skip school tomorrow
Friends: Oh please, own up and get it done!
Mary: Well, TABAP
by Butt Weave February 20, 2015
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The Texas Backhand Slap. The art of licking ones hand and administering a backhand to anyone within reach.
Paul was acting up so his stinky ass got a ta-bap.
Ashley was being a slut so she got bap-ta-bap-ta-mushroom slapped.
by Joel Desbois January 16, 2007
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