Stands for "Titties Be Bouncin'"! To be uttered whenever one is in the presence of any number of bouncing breasts.
Linda: Hey, see those buxom honeys jogging over there?
Horatio: Yeah, TBB!
by Ignacy Bondsworth January 31, 2011
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Typical black behavior such as drinking kool-aid, smoking blunts, not tipping, patting yo weave and other enriching activities.
Suzie: OMG! Look at that how many kool-aid packets Tyrone bought!
Becky: That's a TBB!
by g-niggaz July 10, 2011
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Take/Took a Bitch's BackBerry. Since BlackBerrys are pure crack, when you take one away from a girl, expect her to need a twelve step program to recover.
Joe: The company wanted to save money and told everyone to turn in their BlackBerrys, even Sally..
John: Sally??!! TBB!!! She must have blown a gasket! She was on that thing 24/7...
by SPSD July 26, 2012
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