A t shirt that is so cheap and low quality it is not worth shitting on
Is that the T-shit you bought the other day?

How much did you pay for that T-shit?
by TehFr3akShow August 9, 2011
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A sexual act in which a man penetrates a woman in the asshole, performing anal sex. One the man cums he whipes his jizz and her shit on a t shirt. This is very similar to a dirty sanchez, except this bitch is classy, and would not appreciate getting her makeup smeared
Guy 1: You t shitted that bitch last night?
Guy 2. Hell yeah, I can't believe she let me put it in. I wanted to go for the dirty sanchez, but she had just done her makeup. But the T-shit was still nice.
by Imoanyouwhores March 24, 2015
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Looking like a asswhipe that live in the dark all his life and havent eaten a cracker or a bean snack all his of her's life.
When that ass whipe came out of the 2000 yr old well he looked like a shit t face
by Evan Baker February 20, 2005
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