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Current MBT(Main Battle Tank) of the Russian Ground Forces.
Created in 1994 by defense contractor Uralvagonzavod, the T-90 is one of the most high-tech tanks ever to enter the battlefield. It boasts advanced weapons systems and armor very similar to the M1 Abrams MBT(United States).
The Russian T-90 is one bad ass tank.
by Comrade Sergei July 30, 2006
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A typical chav, sits down in parks with their girlfriends smoking, getting pissed etc.. normally have mo peds.
Aswal- "Yo jules u see them bres drinkin wid dem buttaz chicks."
Jules- "look at them with thier reebok classics"
Aswal- "init bloddy T90's i hate them!"
by Hypakid January 20, 2006
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