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The greatest meal to emerge from Perkins, or any restaurant for that matter, the Tremendous Twelve, aka the T-12 is a fan favorite. The T-12 is comprised of 4 pancakes, 4 bacon/sausage links, 1 heaping pile of hashed browns/breakfast potatoes, and 3 eggs cooked to your desire, adding up to a total of 12 items, hence the name tremendous 12. Served piping hot and with a smile, this schmorgeshborg of tastes that will delight and tantelise your taste buds is also a TREMENDOUS value, at only $6.99, this is sure to make your day, morning, noon, or night.
Damn, this T-12 (tremendous twelve)is tasty, I think I could go for another, and finish it down with a caramel apple pie.
by Kiefer Sutherland March 29, 2006
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